Now Recruiting for Phase II Studies

Now Recruiting for Phase II Studies

In collaboration with the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, Immunolight therapy for canine cancer is now recruiting potential candidates for our Phase II Study.
After a successful Phase I Safety Study, the goal of this new research project is to continue studying and refining Immunolight Therapy, an innovative approach to cancer treatment.
We work with pet owners and primary care veterinarians to help determine eligibility, and to advise on any testing that may be needed before coming to NC State. The study is being conducted by doctors in the Radiation Oncology section.
This study is financially supported by Immunolight, LLC., and NC State CVM.
Enrolling dogs with Lymphoma

  • For dogs with newly diagnosed lymphoma, or if chemotherapy is no longer working.

Enrolling dogs with solid tumors

  • Oral Melanoma and Other tumor types.
  • Dogs with tumors of the skin, toes, mouth, perineum, and other sites MAY be eligible.
  • Most internal tumors will NOT be eligible.
  • Dogs having received prior treatment for their tumor will be considered, if that prior treatment is no longer helping.
  • Dogs may not receive other treatments for their tumor during the study.

Study Benefits Include

  • Variety of free initial staging tests
  • Free follow-up visits
  • Compensation available (up to $500)
  • Free Immunolight Therapy sessions

Contact us today, visit for more information, or call (919) 513-6453 if you would like your pet to be considered for our Phase II Study.