Immunolight Named Detroit’s Most Innovative Company

We are excited and honored to announce that Crain’s Detroit Business News has named Immunolight LLC as the most innovative company in Detroit for 2016. The award is the result of an independent annual survey called the Eureka Index that scores companies on innovation, the significance/impact of patents filed around a technology, the number of patents issued, and the projected likelihood of bringing the patented technology to market.
The cutting-edge approach and the power behind the Immunolight technology is the use of a natural chemical found in citrus fruits, celery and figs called psoralen, which, when exposed to ultraviolet light, creates a chemical reaction that has been shown to destroy cancerous tumors.
One of the challenges of utilizing psoralen inside the body comes down to the question: How can psoralen be activated inside a solid tumor where ultraviolet light can’t reach?
Since ultraviolet light can’t penetrate the skin or tissue in the body, Immunolight innovated tiny particles that absorb the energy emitted from X-rays, which, along with psoralen, are injected into the tumor and targeted by low dose X-ray, creating the UV light to fight the cancer.
The main focus of the Immunolight platform technology is the fight against cancer, but it also has the potential for being used for a variety of additional medical disorders, such as autoimmune diseases as well as commercial and industrial applications.
What is both unique and amazing about the technology is that Immunolight founder, Rick Bourke, was able to bring doctors, engineers and scientists together to create a team that has made breakthroughs in treatments that have never been seen before. Breakthroughs that simply would not have been possible if the research had been focused in only one discipline.
The idea for this technology all started with Rick’s dog Lucy who was diagnosed with cancer. Rick has a unique ability to make connections across different areas of science and medicine, and then put into action a plan to make it a reality. As he observed her treatments, he conceived of the idea that generating light inside a tumor could induce an immune response against cancer.
Immunolight has partnered with Duke University, where a team of scientists, engineers and physicians, led by Immunolight president Harold Walder, continue to advance the technology that is changing the game in the fight against cancer.
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