Our mission is to innovate advancements in energy conversion technologies that create value in medicine, commercial industries and the life sciences.
Company Overview
Immunolight was founded in 2007 by Frederic (Rick) Bourke, a fashion icon in the handbag business. For over 30 years Rick’s passion has been the pursuit and development of science, from his support and involvement in the human genome project, to the development of the immune modulating photopheresis technology, to his current activities with the founding and development of the Immunolight technology. He has devoted most of his life and much of his wealth to science.
The catalyst behind Rick’s invention arose out of his passion for animals. In 2007 he brought his beloved dog, Lucy, to be treated at a renowned vet hospital at Cornell University. There he met another dog owner who, running out of money and options, was there seeking a last treatment resort for his ailing dog. Without hesitation, Rick paid for Riley, this stranger’s dog to be treated. Following this, Rick connected the dots between the two dog’s conditions and conceived of the idea of generating light inside a tumor to induce an immune response against cancer–akin to a related technology (photopheresis) that has been successfully used on cancers of the blood. Rick subsequently founded Immunolight around this concept. He has been the sole funder of the exhaustive research undertaken to prove the concept, develop the technology and deliver it into practice.
Rick took early action to assemble a highly competent team of scientists, starting with Harold Walder, a former R&D executive at J&J, and current president of Immunolight. Together, they established a relationship with Duke University and enlisted the support of a highly interdisciplinary team consisting of over 30 scientists, engineers and physicians, plus technical and administrative staff. Over time, as breakthroughs were innovated, numerous patents have been filed spanning the medical and commercial arenas that comprise a robust and extensive patent estate. As feasibility work nears completion in the adhesive curing and cancer applications, and with additional applications in earlier stages of development, we are seeking global strategic partners to assist in leveraging the breadth of this technology platform and delivering high value innovative solutions around the world.