Disease & Disorders

The lead applications of the Immunolight technology uses penetrating energies (such as low dose X ray) and converts them into a wavelength of biological interest (such as UV) to activate a drug locally at a site of interest.
However, there are numerous other wavelengths of energy, most of which are in the infrared, UV or visible wavelengths that can directly modify cell function.  Following are examples of tissues or conditions that can be modified by direct stimulation of light of various wavelengths –

Tissue or condition

Light color

Nerve cells

UV, blue or yellow



Benign prostate hyperplasia


Soft tissue or wound healing

Red to infrared

Macular degeneration


Deep brain stimulation


The visible light wavelengths of biological interest are not capable of penetrating tissue, which has limited their use to treatment of the skin for conditions such as acne (blue light) or pigment toning (red light).
The Immunolight technology enables the generation of light of virtually any wavelength (color) deep inside the body, creating the possibility to treat a multitude of diseases or disorders with light based therapies.